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Your best Times With the Special Flowers for Wedding

You are on the lookout for all the elements that will make up your bridal outfit and the bouquet is no exception. As for your outfit, you want flowers in perfect harmony with your style and your desires.

If you are not yet sure of your choice, do not hesitate to review these points which are so many indications to help you make your bridal bouquet a reality.

1. The color

The first thing that is obvious when you look at a bouquet is its color. His choice is very important because it must be in keeping with your outfit, the colors of your wedding or your style. If you prefer color, choose pastel tones for a romantic look or even more intense shades to add a touch of flair to your outfit.

2. The form

Deciding on the shape of her bouquet has a direct influence on her appearance. It’s also a good way to come to terms with a type of flowers or colors. The “classic” bouquet, for example, is round and generally measures up to 40 cm in diameter. Its flowers are not too big. It is particularly suitable for fitted dresses and brides.

3. The type of flowers

Your choice will be conditioned by the season in which you are getting married. Find out more about the flowers available the month of your wedding for a bouquet of freshest. Also remember to choose resistant flowers that will not fade in a few hours. The Wedding Flowers & Bouquet Ideas are the perfect ones there.

4. One or more flowers

The roses are for example flowers that are sufficient themselves and can compose only a beautiful bouquet. Peonies, which are particularly popular among brides, can be magnified by judicious associations, such as freesia, lisianthus and other smaller flowers, light and airy.

5. Your personality

The bouquet is not only a matter of is also a way to assert your personality. Whether you are more reserved, outgoing, dynamic or dreamy, do not hesitate to ask your florist for a bouquet that reflects your character.

6. The style of your wedding

The theme you have chosen for D-Day can help you determine the right bouquet for you. If you’re getting married in a hippie-chic spirit, bet on wildflowers and an unstructured bouquet, as if swept by the wind. If your reception is glamorous, choose red or pink and white roses decorated with some pearls.

7. Your dress

Your wedding dress largely defines your style of the D-Day. Also, expect to have this garment in your possession before you decide for your bouquet. If possible, make a bouquet test by wearing your dress.

If you opt for a princess dress, we advise you in particular the cascade bouquet and the round bouquet to train. For a dress empire a round bouquet, small or big according to your morphology.